Meet Scott Wilkinson – Your Trusted Legal Advisor For High Value Property Transactions

29 June 2023

Scott Wilkinson has more than 10 years of experience in Residential Conveyancing and specialises in handling High Value Property Transactions and Real Estate.

Based in Colmore Row, Birmingham, Scott specialises in High-Value Property Sales, Complex Transactions, Buy to Let Investments, Leasehold Properties and New Build.

Get to know your legal expert, Scott
1. Why did you choose a career in Conveyancing & Real Estate?

“The truth is that Conveyancing is something I found accidentally. Before working in Law I spent a number of years working for homeless and youth focused charities in and around Nottinghamshire, providing one-to-one support and hopefully helping people take steps to better themselves and their lives.

Unfortunately, I found myself in a position where I needed to find something new and so the job hunt began. At the time, my mum was working for a regional Solicitors firm in Nottingham. She pointed me in the direction of their Head of Residential Conveyancing, who was looking for an office junior level member of staff to deal with taking phone messages, making tea and all the “really exciting” stuff. I jumped at the chance with open arms, thinking there could be an opportunity for me to build a successful career and as they say, the rest is history!”

2. What attracted you to Davisons Law?

“I have dealt with Davisons several times over the years on the other side of transactions, so I was always open to a conversation if there was a chance of joining the team. I had a good idea of how the firm works and the standard that is expected from the team. When I sat down with Gary Davison (Managing Director) and then Daniel Stones (Director for Colmore Row) they both spoke so highly of the firm and shared with me their vision for the firm moving forward, it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down and more importantly, the mentality and the ethos of the firm align perfectly with my approach to legal work, putting the client first has always been incredibly important to me.”

3. What experience do you have in Residential Conveyancing and Real Estate?

“I have working in Residential Conveyancing for 10 years now and it’s safe to say, I have an understanding and appreciation for all parties involved and the important role everyone plays in the cogs that make transactions move forward. In my years going from an office junior through to a senior member of staff I have gained a wealth of experience. I have worked on all aspects of Residential Conveyancing including some time I spent with an Estate Agency managing their Sales Progression, Solicitors Panel and AML procedures. Before joining Davisons I worked for a tier 1 international law firm as a supervisor in their new build team for two and a half years, which involved managing relationships between the firm and national house builders as well as supporting the conveyancers to develop themselves and take steps towards achieving their career aspirations. All in all, this experience has made it very easy for me to build strong lasting relationships with clients, colleagues and everyone involved as I have complete understanding

from all sides of what is needed to progress things smoothly, efficiently and as stress-free as possible.”

4. What are the biggest challenges you have overcome with clients?

“This is a great question and the thing to remember is that every transaction will have its difficulties and bumps in the road, all “challenging” in their own way. I have found regardless of the issue that has arisen, whether it’s an issue with a lease, an extension that has been built without the required permission or something much more difficult to navigate such as the Building Safety Act 2022, the solution is always the same. Any great Conveyancer will find the issue and then come up with a solution to this situation and deliver it to the client. Communication is always the answer. If you can communicate well, then your clients will always be happy.”

5. How do you ensure a transaction goes smoothly?

“I suspect I have answered this in the previous questions but to reiterate, communication with all parties involved is key along with being approachable and making sure you can adapt to the party you are dealing with.

Conveyancing and the legal world in general is full of technical terms and abbreviations that mean nothing to anyone other than the professionals and people that do this day to day. Making sure you spend the time to discuss things with your clients and present this in a way that everybody can understand. I am sure we have all been on the receiving end of a conversation with a Doctober or another professional and you walk away having no idea what has been said.

The 3 key things I always bring to all transactions are:

  1. Communication
  2. Efficiency
  3. Common Sense and Pragmatism,”

Why Choose Scott Wilkinson?

Expertise in High Value Property
Scott Wilkinson specialises in high-value property transactions, understanding the unique challenges and legal intricacies involved. From luxury residences to prime commercial spaces, Scott’s expertise extends to all facets of the high-end property market.

Unparalleled Knowledge of Complex Transactions
Scott’s deep understanding of complex legal transactions makes him the ideal partner for clients seeking seamless solutions. Whether it’s navigating intricate property portfolios, tax considerations, or estate planning, Scott has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.

Tailored Approach for High Net Worth Investors
Scott recognizes that high net worth investors have specific requirements and priorities. He provides personalized legal strategies that align with their investment goals, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.

Preferred Choice of Elite Estate Agents
Scott has established long-standing partnerships with leading estate agents specializing in high-end properties. By collaborating closely with estate agents, he ensures a cohesive and streamlined experience for clients, optimizing efficiency and maximizing value. ensures a cohesive and streamlined experience for clients, optimizing efficiency and maximizing value.

Contact Scott Wilkinson

Whether you’re acquiring luxury properties, investing in commercial real estate, or exploring opportunities in the buy-to-let market, Scott Wilkinson will provide you with expert advice and guide you make informed decisions, minimise risks, and capitalize on lucrative investment opportunities. Contact Scott today on 0121 824 9523 to schedule a consultation. Let us handle the legal complexities while you focus on your next real estate endeavour.

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