Our Neighbours’ Reflections on the District, Colmore BID, and the BID4 Business Plan 

02 June 2023

MicrosoftTeams image 13 Our Neighbours’ Reflections on the District, Colmore BID, and the BID4 Business Plan 

As the launch of our BID4 Business Plan approaches, we have reached out to our business neighbours from across the District to find out what they are most looking forward to in the plan and how the BID benefits their organisation. 

Kicking the series off, we recently spoke to Tariq Shaikh, who leads Gensler’s Birmingham office in the heart of the District.  

Tariq highlighted the benefits of the networking opportunities the BID helps facilitate between themselves, their prospective clients, and other organisations. He and his team are also excited to see the future delivery of a range of BID-led green projects. 

Why did Gensler make the Colmore Business District its home? 

“The organisation decided to have an office in the District as we wanted to be close to the city centre, adding a ‘buzz’ to coming into the office. Colmore BID is located in the commercial heart of Birmingham and is home to over 500 businesses and 35,000 employees. With some of the city’s top organisations being based in the District, the BID provides endless opportunities for economic growth and job development for local businesses, including ourselves! 

“Additionally, our location in the District has meant that we have existing and prospective clients right on our doorstep, adding an elevated level of personalisation to our professional services and allowing the team to really understand Birmingham’s identity and needs.”  

How does the BID benefit Gensler?

“The BID has provided numerous benefits for us, particularly introducing networking opportunities between Gensler and other businesses within the District that we could work with. The BID offers an enriched business community by hosting networking events and developing sociable surrounding areas, which allows organisations like ourselves to build rapport with our neighbours effectively.”

What do you and the Gensler team most look forward to in the District? 

“We’re really looking forward to the launch of the BID4 Business Plan, specifically the extension of the District’s café culture and public realm improvements. We’re also looking forward to seeing the realisation of a range of BID-led sustainability projects across the District in the future.   

“There are key parallels between the BID’s BID4 Business Plan ambitions and Gensler’s in creating elevated surroundings through design and architecture in Birmingham.”  

Watch Tariq’s BID4 Talking Heads video below:

Your green District

Since 2009, we’ve been working tirelessly to benefit our levy payers and visitors, focusing significantly on helping the District go green. As one of the UK’s leading Business Improvement Districts, we’ve made great strides, but we want to do more. 
As we look towards 2024-2029, we want to tackle transport issues further, aim for net zero, and help fund new green projects across the District.

Watch how we are making your District greener here.

Find out more about Colmore BID’s projects and initiatives here.