Our Neighbours’ Reflections on the District, Colmore BID, and the BID4 Business Plan

26 September 2023

As we edge closer to the ballot opening later this month, Matt Lockren, General Manager at Purecraft Bar & Kitchen, told us about the venue’s history in the Colmore Business District and how the BID has supported Purecraft.

Matt reflected on the bar’s nine-year history in the District, from when there were limited bars and restaurants, to now, where there is a vibrant atmosphere for people to work, play and live. 

What are you and the team at Purecraft most looking forward to? 

Under the BID4 Business Plan, we’re really looking forward to the added security and the sustainability initiatives.” 

The BID4 plan would see the security team increase to five members, boosting their working hours. As a venue that’s open late, we’re always happy to see increased safety measures to ensure our customers, staff, and neighbours can enjoy the District knowing they are safe.” 

What future events are you excited about in the District? 

We look forward to the Colmore BID Food Festival every year. It’s great for business, and we love seeing so many people enjoying what the District has to offer.

It’s a brilliant opportunity to reach new people, who become regular visitors, which boosts our business community.” 

What benefits does the BID bring to the District’s businesses? 

For us as a business, Colmore BID really helped us develop and grow as the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. In particular, the team closed the roads to allow us to put tables and chairs outside so we could start to welcome customers again, while still following the guidelines.”  

Watch Matt’s BID4 Talking Heads video below:

Your Safe District

Since 2009, we’ve been working tirelessly to benefit our levy payers and visitors, focusing significantly on developing a safe District. We’ve responded to over 90,000 reported concerns, dealt with 6,000 incidents of anti-social behaviour, and raised over £30,000 to help organisations tackle challenges facing our local community.

As we look towards 2024-2029, we pledge to extend the working hours of our security team by increasing the number of members to five, launch an alert system to share critical information with our District’s businesses and more!

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