Volunteering Opportunities!

05 October 2023

At Colmore Business District we are fortunate enough to work with a number of charities on different projects. 

This includes charities such as The Ladywood Community Project, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, SIFA Fireside and WAITS to name a few. 

Over the years we have supported charities with donations and fundraising events however we know there is always more we can do! Volunteers have such a big impact on charities supporting the organisers to fulfil their purpose. 

At Colmore Business District, we are currently in the process of a database of volunteers. We aim to email all of our volunteering database with details on volunteering opportunities if and when they arise. Opportunities could range from an hour at the food bank or a day at the Children’s Hospital Christmas grotto! 

If you are interested in having your details added to the volunteering pool please email Kelsey.dwyer@colmorebid.co.uk