Help St Paul’s Church Raise The Roof

10 February 2024

Many workers in the Colmore Business District live in the Jewellery Quarter, and many of the offices within the District have a view of St Paul’s Church from their windows. 

St Paul’s Church is at the heart of the JQ. People go to the church to rest, meet friends, listen, and be heard. However, its future is currently in jeopardy. As the church approaches 250 years old in 2029, £660,000 needs to be raised to renew the Grade I listed church, while retaining its distinctive architectural features, to make its beautiful and calm space fit for people now, and for future generations.

JQ Community

St Paul’s Church was built in 1779 and has been at the heart of the JQ community ever since. The Church in St Paul’s Square is an iconic image of the Jewellery Quarter. 

With the rapid development of the JQ, there is an ever growing need to maintain the few green spaces in the area, chief amongst which is St Paul’s Square. While having a Christian foundation and continuing to be a place of worship, St Paul’s Church ensures that the Square is permanent and inclusive, a welcoming space for the whole of the community. 

People go to the Church to worship and pray, to be still and reflect. They go to the Church and to the Square to enjoy music and laugh together and to meet friends and celebrate.


But like a lot of churches and other heritage buildings, St Paul’s Church has a roof which has come to the end of its life. It needs replacing over the next two years or there is a real risk of flooding causing catastrophic damage. 

Replacing the roof would put the church into good repair for the next two centuries.

Can you help?

The Jewellery Quarter, where St Paul’s Church and St Paul’s Square are situated, is rapidly expanding with residential developments increasing the local population considerably. 

The Church and the Square represent the hub of the JQ community. Each year, the JQ Festival in the summer and the Church fete in the autumn regularly attract over 1,000 visitors to the Square. 

St Paul’s Church has a seating capacity of nearly 400 and one of the finest acoustics in the West Midlands. It also has existing musical links with the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. 

The area, with the Church at its epicentre, is the JQ ‘village green’. The team at St Paul’s Church are fighting to repair the Church’s roof – at an estimated cost of £660,000 – and keep St Paul’s Square vibrant and iconic.

There is a fundraising page for donations towards the new roof here: PCC of St Paul’s in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham – Donate now (

All donations are gratefully received. In order to maximise their fundraising, the team at the church are asking any individual or corporate company donating over £100 for the Raise the Roof project to make payment directly into their dedicated business account below:

The Society of Friends of St Pauls Church

Sort code 20-07-89 

Account Number 20835099.