Gensler Birmingham partners with Birmingham Hospice

21 May 2024

Gensler Birmingham has partnered with Birmingham Hospice, a local organisation dedicated to providing care for individuals living with life-limiting illnesses and supporting their loved ones in Birmingham.

As part of their commitment to community engagement, Gensler Birmingham participated in painting and installing a mural specifically designed for the Living Well Centre at the hospice’s Selly Park site. 

The Living Well Centre focuses on assisting individuals with a terminal diagnosis to live well alongside their illness. The centre offers a range of programmes aimed at managing symptoms, engaging in therapeutic activities, and setting achievable goals that prioritise personal wellbeing. Attendance at these sessions provides opportunities to connect with professionals offering support and expertise, working in tandem with GPs, district nurses, and other members of the hospice’s Specialist Palliative Care Team. 

“Words can’t describe how grateful we are to Gensler for what you and the team have done for the hospice,” remarks Katie West, Senior Fundraising and Supporter Experience Manager. 

By sharing the story of the Birmingham Hospice Living Well Centre, they aim to raise awareness of their exceptional work and encourage increased support and funding for their initiatives, particularly during these challenging economic times and government funding cuts. Together, as a community, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and families living with a terminal diagnosis. 

For further information on Birmingham Hospice and how you can contribute to their efforts, please visit their website at

*Design credits go to Joanna Siecla, Architect at Gensler Birmingham office, for the selected mural artwork installation.