ByLouMoffat is a sustainable UK fashion and textile brand which I set up in July 2020 after graduating from a Fashion Design degree at Falmouth University.

The brand focuses around my hand drawn print designs which take inspiration from the psychedelic eras of the 60s and 70s, combining vintage motifs with contemporary colourways. Once I’ve created my print designs, I get them printed sustainably onto a range of organic fabrics using OEKO-TEX certified environmentally-friendly dyes and water free manufacturing before I sew them up into a range of products in my home studio in Sutton Coldfield.

ByLouMoffat is set up to be as sustainable as possible so every component of my products from fabrics to zips to packaging is all sourced within the UK, with 70% being sourced locally in and around Birmingham in order to lower my businesses carbon footprint. The brand also has a zero-waste policy meaning any scrap fabric is used to make other products, such as patchwork makeup bags, or cut up to make stuffing for items such as cushions. Most sustainable brands tend to use neutral tones and are fairly boring, ByLouMoffat is the complete opposite of that, aiming to create clothing and accessories that are bold, unique and will last a lifetime. Rather than focusing on trends I hopes to bring a splash of colour into people’s lives providing premium quality products that allows my customers to be sustainable now and groovy forever!

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