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For any child, spending time in hospital – no matter how long or short their stay – can be very trying. What can make their stay more difficult is when they find themselves in hospital during times of celebration, such as Christmas, Diwali, Eid, or their birthday.   

The team try to make all of these occasions magical for the kids who have to spend in the hospital, to ensure their stay is as exciting, fun and sparkly as it would be if they were at home. Now, you can help do that too by donating to our Celebration Toy Fund.  

Our Celebration Toy Fund has been created specifically to purchase toys and games, so children staying in hospital during these celebrations and religious holidays will receive a present.

The Hospital’s Play Facilitators will use these funds to place orders from a specially-curated list of gifts, which have been chosen using their expert experience. In previous years, many of generous supporters have chosen to donate toys, whether physical toy collections or toy donations via our Amazon Wishlist. However, they’ve often found themselves short of presents in certain age ranges. 

By providing Play Facilitators with the flexibility of the Celebration Toy Fund, it means we can ensure they have the right number of gifts for ALL kids, whatever their age. 

This does mean they are unable to accept physical, in-person toy donations or deliveries. However, they can assure you, a donation to our Celebration Toy Fund will ensure our young patients still get their moment of magic at Christmas, on their birthday, or whatever the celebration.

To donate visit here

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