Active Bystander Workshop (Male Allies)

07 March 2024
13:00 - 16:00
PwC Midlands, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, UK

The programme is by The Hollie Gizzard Trust and is designed for community members to learn more about sexual harassment, and how they can help combat it by learning skills to intervene as a positive bystander.

When someone intervenes well:

  • The wrongdoer receives the message that their behaviour is not okay. This stops the harm in progress and can prevent them from doing it again.
  • It tells others that the behaviour is not tolerated and that it’s safe to intervene, changing the group norm.

Active Bystander training works with participants in a positive and empowering way to think about scenarios and helpful behaviours which could help to make a difference and make the community safer for everyone.

The training team cover the definition of a bystander and the types of bystanders, outlining how a bystander can intervene to stop events before they happen or while they are happening. They will look at the 4 stages of intervention and the reasons why individual’s do not intervene including social psychological theory and social norms theory.

If you are interested in this event please contact Please note spaces are limited and you may be placed on a waiting list.

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