BMI Heritage Tour

10 September 2022
10:00 - 16:00
Birmingham & Midland Institute, Margaret Street, Birmingham, UK

The Birmingham and Midland Institute invite you to visit a unique part of Birmingham’s history. 9 Margaret Street was built as the second home for the Original Birmingham Library in 1889. Having become part of the Birmingham and Midland Institute in the 1950s, the BMI relocated here in the 1960s. They are inviting you to celebrate their interwoven history; the BMI was an integral part of the Civic Gospel in Victorian times, educating many people who would have otherwise not have had access to learning. They are about to start an exciting Transformation Project, which will give them the opportunity to extend the Library and restore some of the rooms to their former glory, while enhancing others. Their Associated Societies will be attending to highlight their activities, and local artists will be holding an Artisans’ Fayre where you will be able to buy their work.

This may be the last opportunity for you to see the Birmingham and Midland Institute in its present form. Come and celebrate their Heritage, and the Legacy they are hoping to create.

Booking not required. There is lift access to the first floor, however, many of the rooms are accessed by stairs.

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