Guided Meditation – Welcome to Birmingham

19 May 2023
12:30 - 13:15
Sun Kyeong Birmingham, Waterloo Street, Birmingham, UK

Restore inner peace, vitality and positivity with our guided Qi meditations.

In these times, stress and anxiety are more prevalent than ever. As our mind becomes weighed down with anxious and worried thoughts, our mental and physical wellbeing can really suffer. We can start to feel drained, unable to focus and struggle to regain the positive mindset that used to come to us naturally.

Join our guided Qi meditation to re-energise and restore peace and calm to your mind.

Achieve mental clarity and clear stress, anxiety and negative emotions with deep breathing, mindfulness and visualisation.

Learn how you can incorporate Qi meditation into your daily life to stay productive and positive even in stressful circumstances.

The meditation session will last 30 minutes.

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