A Morning With Clive Branson at Millennium Point

08 July 2024
10:00 - 12:00
Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham, UK

Motivation is something that most of us require in our everyday lives. Whilst it may encourage us to take action, it is usually short lived. However, inspiration can reach into our mind, body and soul, giving a longer lasting result.

With authenticity, brutal honesty and a genuine injection of humour, Clive Branson shares his profound story and discusses overcoming adversity, building resilience and confidence, and learning how to live life on life’s terms. Clive will actively demonstrate that we have hidden reserves of fortitude and resilience and discuss the importance of self-compassion and self-belief. He will share methods that genuinely helped him to adopt and maintain a positive mindset.

Now more than ever, employees are experiencing ‘change fatigue’. Managers are looking for effective ways to build resilience amongst their teams whilst battling with employee relations, transformative technology, and pressure for efficiency. Clive’s story can help.

This interactive event provides the valuable opportunity to network with professionals from various sectors, listen to Clive’s incredible session, take part in a Q&A, and then return to your workplace feeling genuinely inspired!

Tickets are £10 (plus booking fee) with proceeds going to the Frank Bruno Foundation.

Unknown A Morning With Clive Branson at Millennium Point
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