Tackling Unwanted Sexual Behaviour on Transport

18 January 2023
10:00 - 11:00
PwC, Birmingham, One Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, UK

This workshop will be delivered by a representative from the Safer Travel Partnership. 

The aim of this session is to raise awareness of unwanted sexual behaviour on our public transport systems and to encourage individuals to feel empowered to speak out. No one should feel vulnerable using public transport. 

During this session we go through real life experiences having a look what unwanted sexual behaviour is, the issues and how to report these issues. We will also have a look at what the possible reporting barriers could be and how we can work together to support women, girls and vulnerable people to feel safer.

This is a great opportunity to understand how the Safer Travel Partnership work to keep passengers safe on their journeys wherever they are going and however they travel.

The workshop seeks to advise people on what is unacceptable, how to report any issues and be empowered to speak up and call out inappropriate and unwanted sexual behaviour. You will also be encouraged to stand up for those around you who need your support.

The session is a general discussion and designed not to cause any anxiety. 

This is a free-to-attend workshop facilitated by Colmore BID for the benefit of members of the Colmore Business District. Numbers are limited and attendance is strictly via this Eventbrite registration. 

Upon arrival attendees will be required to check-in with reception at PWC 1, Chamberlain Square prior to being escorted to the workshop meeting room.

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