Young Professionals – Resilience with KPMG

09 November 2023
KPMG, Snow Hill Queensway, Birmingham, UK

Join us for an afternoon of Networking and lunch at KPMG!

Following on from the success of the Welcome to Birmingham programme, we are pleased to announce we have partnered with KPMG to host another Young Professionals event. Our Young Professionals event work to equip young professionals in the District with essential business skills and networking opportunities, empowering them to grow their careers and expand their professional network.

As part of this event we will hear from Karena at KPMG on Resilience.

Karena is a facilitator, coach and coach supervisor who works with leaders and their teams towards higher performance. She is a Director in KPMG’s Learning team and a Chartered Psychologist and brings a wealth of experience across private and public sector.  She is curious and loves to spark curiosity in others!

Why is resilience key to inspiring teams?

The kind of resilience required to navigate the current complex world, is ‘in the moment’ resilience to help employees and teams to face continuing pace, pressure, uncertainty and complexity.  This kind of resilience is more important than ever and this practical session will share some tools, tips and generate insights to support you and your teams.

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