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News releases, blogs and provocation papers which set out some of the issues and thinking behind the research and our response to emerging themes.

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The Future Business District Study and the Future of the Office

Hannes Read, City REDI, reflects on the emerging research.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many people and businesses have been required to work from home rather than the office. The sudden shift away from working in the office has significantly impacted the Business, Professional & Financial Services (BPFS) sector.

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Backdrop to The Future Business District

Mike Best and Kevin Johnson set out to explain the background to the Study.

The ‘business district’ is facing an existential crisis because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is evident globally and in the UK. Birmingham is no different.

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The Business District – A Journey

Mike Best, Chair of The Future Business District Steering Group for Colmore BID, reflects on the reasons for this unique research project.

I’ve worked in Birmingham City Centre for over 25 years, a quarter-century which has seen its gradual and remarkable recovery from a low-point in the mid-1980s, which coincided with my arrival in the city as a town planning student (but I hasten to add, I take no credit!).

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