New Professionals Working Group

Following on from the success of Welcome to Birmingham 2022, Colmore Business has created a sub-set of the Community Building Working Group this work workstream aims to facilitate an inclusive district that nourishes the cities future senior leaders.

Welcome to Birmingham was introduced in 2022 to support the many people — especially graduates and young professionals — who have joined organisations in Birmingham and the Colmore Business District in recent years. Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 and the shift to remote work, many of these new joiners won’t have experienced the traditional onboarding process that forms a key part of starting a new job, and as a result, are unlikely to be aware of Colmore BID and the events and activities it hosts to support young professionals in their careers.

The working group will explore opportunities to further develop our strategy for supporting new professionals. The group is currently working towards helping professionals from across the District connect with each other and further develop their skills.

For more information on this working group please contact


Sustainable Travel

Encouraging greener modes of travel is a priority for Colmore BID as we look to improve public health and play our part in achieving important environmental goals.

Welcome to Birmingham

Keep an eye on upcoming events for New Professionals within the Colmore Business District.

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Whether it’s meeting like minded professionals or learning new skills you will find some of the latest events across Birmingham here! All for New Professionals

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Safety in the city

Learn about the importance of counter terrorism through e-learning from ProtectUK.

For more information contact the Colmore BID team at or call 0121 212 1410

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