Cornwall Street

Developed in partnership by Colmore BID, Birmingham City Council and Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), with further funding from the Greater Birmingham Local Enterprise Programme (GBSLEP), the scheme on Cornwall Street have been delivered as part of the larger Snow Hill Public Realm programme. The programme, which was initially launched in 2015 includes a number of projects that aim to improve public transport interchange and connectivity, while enhancing the public realm and prioritise pedestrian movement.

The Cornwall Street project has seen new paving materials installed and work has been undertaken to rationalise loading and parking for cars and delivery vehicles. Changes look to encourage visitors to use the area by providing a more inviting and pedestrian-friendly environment. Landscaping has been improved, with new seating installed and the space has been developed with local hospitality businesses in mind who will be encouraged to utilise the area with the appropriate licences.

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