District Dressing

The Colmore BID Levy funds activity to Dress the District at certain times of year. This makes the area a better place for people to want to do business, live and work. 

There are three main projects annually which are Christmas Lights, Floral Features and Flags. 

Christmas Lights 

Each year over 100 festive features get installed on columns across the District to help celebrate the Christmas period. We install three Christmas trees in key locations, Colmore Square, Church Street Square and Snow Hill Square. 

The team are always looking for new ways to update the scheme and bring something new and exciting to the District. 

Floral Enhancements 

Every summer we dress columns across the District with hanging baskets, put up floral boxes and a number of floral features. 

Doing this brightens up the area throughout the summer months while also creating eye catching displays and helping to improve overall air quality. 


Throughout the year we have a number of flags that go up in the District. 

This includes flags throughout the Christmas Period, flags to promote the annual Colmore Food Festival and Welcome to Colmore flags. 

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