Future Business District

Colmore BID is leading a unique study on The Future Business District both to inform the BID’s response to long term recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and to offer policy directions on best practice for this and other central business districts in the UK. The study sets out to answer two key questions; What is the likely long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on city centre business districts? and How can we ensure they remain successful as places to attract businesses and people and contribute to vibrant city centres?

Below you will find links to documentation about the Future Business District study as well as the BID’s response, The Space Between.

Birmingham Business Pledge

As a direct and immediate response to the Future Business District study and recommendations, business leaders from across Birmingham have pulled together a short document which attempts to outline why the professional firms in the city value the diversity and community of our city centre and why we need to seek to proactively ensure our employees can continue to benefit from all that working and living in the city offers.

We have called this the Birmingham Business Pledge as it is focussed on affirmative action, but have been mindful of the need to ensure no company is placed in a position where their own policies would be compromised or challenged by supporting this public statement.

Below you will find documentation about the Birmingham Business Pledge, what pledges businesses have made and how your organisation can get involved as well.

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