3 step checklist to help charities be more secure online

The Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands (WMCRC) is advocating a 3 step checklist to help charities be more cyber resilient.  The last 18 months has brought on some major challenges for everyone across the charities sector. Whilst so many charities have moved their staff to remote working and becoming more digitally aware, sadly we are also facing more challenges from criminals operating online.

Keeping secure online should be a priority for every charity.  Being more cyber savvy will help charities to keep on top of important security measures and keep personal data out of the hands of hackers. The WMCRC has developed this three-step security checklist to help secure your data.

  1. Review your Privacy Settings
  2. Keep your email account secure
  3. Keep devices secure when working from home

To find out more read the full article here.

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