Cyber PROTECT top tip – Keeping devices and apps updated

Our friends at the West Midlands Cyber-Crime Unit are highlighting the dangers of not keeping devices and apps updated. This is an easy and quick way to help protect yourselves online.

If you receive a prompt to update your device (or apps), don’t ignore it. You should also turn on ‘automatic updates’ in your device’s settings, if available. This will mean you do not have to remember to apply updates.
Prompt patching is also very important because what people don’t realise is when companies release big patches for their software, this can inform attacks on where to target as they can assume that some people will not have necessarily patched quickly. This really emphasises the importance of having automatic updates on and why you should patch ASAP.
How to keep your phones, tablets and computers up to date

For detailed instructions about how to keep these devices up to date, refer to the support area within the manufacturers’ official websites. If you’re advised to back up your data, you can refer to the NCSC’s guidance on how to do this.

To get you started, we’ve included links to popular devices.

Update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Update your Mac computer

Update your Windows 10 or Windows 11 laptop/PC

Update your Android device (Samsung, Google Pixel, Huawei phones and tablets etc)

Updating devices automatically

Update Android apps automatically

Turn automatic updates on/off on Apple devices (middle of page)

Finally, it is important to note that eventually manufacturers will eventually stop providing updates for older devices. If you continue to use a device that is no longer supported it won’t receive updates that contain new features and performance improvements.

Additionally, older devices won’t receive the security updates from the manufacturer (and without these your phone is less secure). You do not need to buy the latest (or most expensive) model to stay safe, but if possible avoid buying and using older-model phones. You can check if your devices are still supported on the manufacturer’s website.

For more information on keeping your software and devices safely updated please visit the NCSC website and check out the West Midlands Cyber-Crime Unit’s latest YouTube Video.

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