Energy suppliers going out of business: Warning of a new scam

A number of UK households are now facing the prospect of their energy suppliers going bust due to the huge rises in the wholesale price of both gas and electricity.

Evidence is already emerging that scammers are seeking to exploit the uncertainty and panic among energy consumers as they need to find new suppliers. Fraudsters purporting to be from either their current or newly appointed energy supplier will seek to dupe consumers into providing their banking details.

Consumers are being strongly advised to check that any contact or correspondence sent to them relating to a change of energy supplier comes from official sources.

In circumstances where a consumer needs to be moved to a new energy supplier, they should only have official contact from:

  1. The existing supplier or an administrator acting on their behalf
  2. The new supplier as appointed by Ofgem (contact can take a few weeks) who will be able to provide information on when the new supply service will start.

Citizens Advice are providing guidance to check who has taken over your energy supply to enable consumers to verify who their new energy provider is.

Furthermore, the UK energy regulator Ofgem is providing consumers with comprehensive guidance on what will happen if your energy supplier goes bust.

Consumers are urged to report any suspicious activity directly to Action Fraud via the online reporting tool or calling 0300 123 2040 Monday to Friday between 8am – 8pm.

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