Important changes to ACT App users: ProtectUK bulletins and messages

Counter Terrorism Policing has announced that the hugely successful ACT App has now been redesigned and transitioned to become ‘ProtectUK’, the new counter terrorism and security information sharing platform.

ProtectUK has now been released in order to obtain feedback from public users as work continues to further develop the platform.

The way in which ProtectUK bulletins and messages are shared has now changed. The previous PDF version of bulletins will now be phased out and all new bulletins and messages will be hosted within the news section of the ProtectUK platform online, as an easy access, central library of communications, available to all.

You can continue to receive notifications and access when the latest bulletins are published on the ProtectUK platform by downloading the official ProtectUK App which will alert you when ProtectUK bulletins become available.

Counter Terrorism Policing will continue to push out instant messages via the ProtectUK App when a bulletin or newsletter is published and this will provide you with a link that takes you to the relevant message hosted on the ProtectUK platform.

ProtectUK App is now live and open for public download.

Transition from ACT App to ProtectUK App.

Counter Terrorism Policing is now inviting all existing ACT App users to transition over from the ‘ACT App’ to the new ProtectUK App. This can be easily done by following the below guidance:

  • Delete the existing ACT App from your device
  • Search “ProtectUK” in your relevant App store and install
    Google Play Store
    App Store
  • Click on the ProtectUK App tile icon on your device once downloaded and access the content

Existing ACT App and new ProtectUK Enterprise users should contact for more information.

Changes and New Features

NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office) now offers the new ProtectUK App as part of a developing integrated digitally joined-up ecosystem, providing products to support UK organisations, where each product complements and reinforces the other.

Building on the consumer-led feedback offered at NaCTSO’s regular Workshop Wednesday product forums, the ProtectUK App offers the following new functions and features:

Picture 2png Important changes to ACT App users: ProtectUK bulletins and messages
  • New incident response Action Cards providing ready access to incident response advice.
  • Further enhanced translation functionality with content now dynamically translatable into over 50 different languages by “press–and–hold” on text sections.
  • One Tap Log in for all users, no requirement for personal log in each time to access the app.
Picture 1 Important changes to ACT App users: ProtectUK bulletins and messages

For the central library of advice and guidance published by NaCTSO, CPNI and partners you will in future be directed onto the ProtectUK Platform.

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