New Counter Terrorism security video launched

A new video has been launched for businesses, highlighting practical steps to be taken in the event of having to lockdown during a terrorist (marauding) attack.

The video is one of a number of resources available to help businesses plan for such incidents and how to build a plan applying the principles of RUN HIDE TELL.

Lockdown forms one strand of the HIDE option, which can be useful in circumstances where RUN is not possible or the best course of action. Further information can be found at marauding-terrorist-attacks-1.

Whilst the video is designed to inform those responsible for setting safety and security policies, it can also be shown to staff to raise awareness of Lockdown if that is an option for your business or site. If shown to staff it is important to also explain and discuss your own policies and procedures relating to the subject, including for example:

  • The purpose of lockdown
  • When to lockdown
  • Who should lockdown, including who decides to lockdown?
  • How to lockdown, whilst minimising the risk to staff and customers
  • Maintaining lockdown
  • What to do in the event of people wanting to leave
  • When and how to remove lockdown.

The video can be viewed below.

The UK National Threat Level remains unchanged at ‘substantial’, which means that an attack is likely. We know an attack can happen anytime, anywhere.

A simple list of actions you can take to ensure your business is playing its part, and which could save lives includes:

  • As you ensure your spaces continue to meet Covid public health regulations, please risk-assess your existing sites and any new premises such as outdoor spaces with security in mind too; and consider both NaCTSO’s protective security advice and CPNI’s Personnel Security advice.
  • Ensure your staff and volunteers are trained by signing them up to ACT e-learning. It is free and takes around an hour.
  • Colmore BID has its own unique single sign-in account for the ACT app for smartphones, providing 24/7 365 easy access to the latest threat information, guidance, training resources and confidential reporting portals. To request download and sign-in details, click here 
  • Staff could benefit from See, Check and Notify training covering hostile reconnaissance, vigilance, the power of hello, and reporting suspicious activity.
  • Review our guidance on increasing the protection of crowded places from a terror attack.

We encourage everyone to:

  • Stay alert and report anything suspicious you see or hear to security staff or the police.
  • Trust your instincts and ACT. You won’t be wasting our time.
  • Visit ACT ( to report online, in confidence, and learn more about the signs to spot.

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