Post lockdown security: Are you prepared?

Now that the Prime Minister has announced the key milestone of the lifting of most restrictions and people are enjoying indoor hospitality and attending larger events, Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP) is calling on everyone to ensure that you have taken reasonable steps to mitigate against the threat from terrorism.

Now is the time to be confident that your staff and customers are primed to remain vigilant and they know to ACT if they see or hear something that doesn’t feel quite right.

CTP has updated its Easing Lockdown Vigilance Campaign Toolkit to ensure messaging and assets are relevant this summer. With all the messaging and materials that a business, venue or organisation needs to help keep everyone safe, the toolkit now includes situationally specific messaging and bespoke assets designed for use surrounding UK music festivals, outdoor events and indoor hospitality. A blank template has also been provided so businesses can use their own imagery.

We’re asking you to use the toolkit to:

  • Promote the messaging and materials to your staff and customers via your communication channels e.g. internal bulletins and on your external website.
  • Display our campaign posters in high footfall areas and at events to encourage your customers and staff to stay vigilant and report suspicious behaviour.
  • Share our social media assets on your social media channels using the hashtag #CommunitiesDefeatTerrorism

It’s not too late to ensure your organisation is prepared to combat the threat of terrorism.

These simple actions could save lives:

  • Be security-minded when planning and providing briefings to staff and volunteers ahead of opening up venues and hosting events – they can be crucial eyes and ears in support of the 24/7 policing efforts
  • Whilst you ensure your spaces meet Covid public health regulations, please risk assess your existing sites and any new premises such as outdoor spaces with security in mind too; and consider both NaCTSO’s protective security advice and CPNI’s Personnel Security advice
  • Ensure your staff and volunteers are educated by encouraging them to download and sign in to the ACT app – available in both Android and IOS. Colmore BID has a corporate single sign-in for all BID members and staff. To request details of how to download and sign in to the Colmore BID ACT app account, click here.  

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