The CrimeStoppers #ClosedtoCrime business campaign

The independent and 100% anonymous crime-fighting charity ‘CrimeStoppers’ has launched their #ClosedtoCrime campaign to encourage the public to tell them all they can about crimes that affect businesses.

As the UK eases out of national lockdown and restrictions, CrimeStoppers are appealing for people to report anonymously what they know about crimes against commercial outlets.

As local shops and businesses try to cope with the devastating financial impact of the pandemic, the last costly disruption they need is being a victim of crime. Suffering crimes such as criminal damage, theft, burglary and arson can seriously impact upon a business’s ability to function and maintain business as usual. For some, the costs associated with business recovery could be the final straw!

The #ClosedtoCrime campaign is asking people to report what they know about crime against local businesses, from shops to company premises, factories to warehouses. They play a crucial role in the fabric of society – indeed, many staff in these businesses are now classed as key workers, providing essential services.

To learn more about the #ClosedtoCrime campaign, including details of how you can contact CrimeStoppers 24/7 with 100% anonymity, click here.

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