Welcome to Birmingham

Welcome to Birmingham is back, keep your eyes peeled for future events!

Take a look at the programme below to see the events we hosted!

Welcome to Birmingham was introduced last year to support the many people — especially graduates and young professionals — who have joined organisations in Birmingham and the Colmore Business District in recent years. Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 and the shift to remote work, many of these new joiners won’t have experienced the traditional onboarding process that forms a key part of starting a new job, and as a result, are unlikely to be aware of Colmore BID and the events and activities it hosts to support young professionals in their careers.

Delivered in partnership with TAG Network Midlands, a networking community and membership organisation specialising in business relationships and professional development, Welcome to Birmingham is returning in May 2023, helping professionals from across the District connect with each other and further develop their skills.

See the success of last year’s programme on page 31 of Colmore Life – Spring 2023.

What’s On?

Welcome to Birmingham is a series of events aimed at professionals who have started to work in Birmingham in the last three years. Consisting of two weeks’ worth of activities, Welcome to Birmingham will explore how to get the most of Colmore BID in terms of skills development, networking and career progression.

A wide range of events are on offer, from skills workshops and group mentoring sessions to easy-going networking events where participants can meet new people. The overarching aim of the programme is to facilitate skills development and foster new connections among like-minded professionals, in turn helping the District to maximise its full potential.

Tuesday 16th May

morning networking Welcome to Birmingham

8:00 am – Morning Networking

Grab your morning coffee and some breakfast and network with fellow professionals from the District at Dishoom.

Wednesday 17th May

the art of networking Welcome to Birmingham

12:30 pm – The Art of Networking

Learn more about the value of networking and develop your core skills through a series of interactive sessions.

Thursday 18th May

group mentoring 1 Welcome to Birmingham

12:30 pm – Group Mentoring Session

This will introduce you to the world of mentoring. Find out more about what it takes to become a mentor, or what to expect if you are looking to be mentored

Friday 19th May

pexels cottonbro studio 4327033 Welcome to Birmingham

12:30 pm – Guided Meditation

Relax the mind and learn some of the basics of Qi meditation in our group meditation class, delivered by a professional guide from Sun Kyeong.

Tuesday 23rd May

pexels matheus bertelli 3321791 Welcome to Birmingham

12:30 pm – Workplace Skills: Leadership Development

Hear from a diverse panel of business leaders about the value of leadership in the modern workplace.

Network and Drink 2 Welcome to Birmingham

5:30 pm – Network & Drink

Learn from guest speakers, have a drink and network with like-minded professionals at modern gastro pub The Florence.

Wednesday 24th May

dp designs Liquid PR OCUK 72 Welcome to Birmingham

8:00 am – Cookalong

A hands-on session on how to whip up an affordable, yet delicious, range of recipes with a professional chef.

Thursday 25th May

jason goodman Oalh2MojUuk unsplash Welcome to Birmingham

12.30 pm – Navigating Career Goals

In-depth advice delivered by professionals from a diverse range of sectors to help you build your dream career.

Networking 1 Welcome to Birmingham

5:30 pm – Networking Finale

The final networking event in the calendar, designed to help new and established professionals connect and forge further connections.

Friday 26th May

pexels kampus production 8173428 Welcome to Birmingham

12.30 pm – Online Bodyweight Training

You don’t need any equipment to join our online bodyweight workout, a fun and simple class introducing you to bodyweight training.

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