Community Building

The Community Building Working Group focuses on developing a networked experience for the people who work in the District, both socially and professionally, by enhancing the Colmore Life experience.  It also considers how the District makes a positive impact on the city by supporting relevant charitable initiatives.

The working group oversees the curation of our broad range of workshops.  In our last two terms, these have covered topics as diverse as wreath making, and cake decorating to mindfulness, team building and tax advice. 

Wellbeing of the people who work in the District is a key consideration; our Colmore Chorus, walking groups and running groups have all developed from the research that shows that these activities aid productivity (as does getting away from the desk for an hour!).  And for those who like a bit of competition, our Community Games gives businesses the chance to pit themselves against each other  every year.

The group oversees a number of enjoyable activities which add to the vibrancy of Colmore Life, but it’s not all fun and games.  The group is also responsible for raising money for our nominated charity, which is currently Sifa Fireside.  In the last four years the District has raised over £30,000 to help them deliver much needed services to some of Birmingham’s most vulnerable.

Chaired by Richard Guy  from SimkissGuy, the group is always open to new ideas and is currently recruiting new members.  If you would like to find out more, please contact Claire J Smith.

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