Letter: Public Realm Improvements to Victoria Square, Colmore Row & Waterloo Street

06 December 2021

Colmore BID has been asked by CPC Civils to share the below letter regarding public realm improvements taking place in Victoria Square, Colmore Row and Waterloo Street. If you have any questions, please use the contact details at the bottom of this letter.

Dear Landlord, Tenant or Business Owner

Your business may be aware that Birmingham City Council are carrying out works to improve the appearance of the City Centre before and after the Commonwealth Games in 2022. CPC Civils have been appointed by Birmingham City Council to under take construction works to the footways and highway to Colmore Row and Waterloo Street.

As part of these works, we will be replacing both the worn-out walkway and road surfaces to improve the appearance of the ‘Loop’ and to effectively make it continuous with Victoria Square by creating a high-quality public space.

To help improve access across this landmark location, the existing vehicle barriers will be removed to open up the area with new automated barriers installed at key locations to maintain public safety.

The works are due to start in early September 2022, after the Commonwealth Games, and will be completed by winter 2023.

We fully understand that your business needs to continue operating during this period with the minimal amount of disruption. We will liaise with you on regular basis as the start date approaches and work closely with you throughout the construction works to minimise the impact on your premises, customers and staff.

Therefore, to help us help you, we need to plan the work around your business so please could you complete the enclosed questionnaire and send a returned copy to bccpublicrealm@cpccivils.net Providing the information will give us a better understanding of your business and how we can plan the work together during the improvements.

We know the work is at least 10 months away at the moment, but one really important piece of information that CPC need from you in the next few weeks is whether your business premises have a cellar/basement? We need to understand if there are any cellars or basements as some may extend out underneath the public footway and we need to know where these are located.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this request and we look forward to hearing from you.

Kimberley Edwards

Public Liaison Officer

07961 595706