Spotlighting our Security Team for Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Week

04 July 2023

Monday marked the start of Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Week, which will conclude on Sunday 9 July. As part of this week of action, we reflect on the exceptional work carried out by the Colmore BID Security Team within the District and look ahead to our security ambitions for 2024-2029.
Forming part of our wider Safe and Sound Working Group and Safer Colmore programme, the Security Team works closely with West Midlands Police and other city-centre BIDs to address anti-social behaviour and manage on-street activities across the District.
Their friendly and supportive approach helps workers, residents, and visitors feel safe and secure. It also ensures that those affected by homelessness and other vulnerable members of our community get the support they need, making the District a welcoming place for all.
Let’s delve into how the Security Team work to reduce anti-social behaviour in the District.
Providing a Visible Presence in the District
Our Security Team of four officers put people at the heart of their approach, connecting those in need with the relevant support services to improve outcomes for all. Operating Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, businesses in the District can contact our team on the number below.
Colmore Security Duty Number – 07572 257246
Developing Strategic Partnerships for Lasting Change
The Security Team draws on its strategic partnerships with other organisations to ensure individuals and businesses experiencing anti-social behaviour are provided with immediate assistance and access to relevant support networks.
One of the key city partnerships is the City Centre Local Community Safety Partnership, which is vice-chaired by our Street Operations Manager, John-Jo Von Johnson. Bringing together stakeholders from across the city, the Partnership works to tackle the structural issues behind homelessness and anti-social behaviour, driving lasting change for businesses, residents, and visitors in the District.
Birmingham City Council said: “The CC LCSP works closely with all of its BID partners to tackle anti-social behaviour in and around Birmingham City Centre. A joint partnership approach has been invaluable in making the city a safer and more enjoyable experience for all those who work, visit, and live here.”
Colmore BID has also been a member of the WMCA’s Homelessness Task Force since its inception, and has helped to shape and promote various initiatives such as the Homelessness Toolkit and Change into Action. 
Addressing Homelessness with Compassion
Homelessness is a complex matter for many cities, and this is no different in Birmingham. Our Security Team use a multi-agency approach to tackle the root causes of social issues and work closely with Birmingham City Council and various community groups to ensure vulnerable individuals in the District are able to find routes off the streets.
This work includes partnerships with the Food Justice Network who connect those affected by homelessness with food kitchens and community cafes.  As well as practical support, we have helped them to develop strategies and policies to help those wanting to do good in our city make the most impact.  We have also worked closely with  the alternative giving scheme Change into Action.  As well as promoting the scheme, we have opened two contactless giving points in the District, providing members of the public with a way to donate to charities working to end homelessness.  Our Street Operations Manager, John-Jo also sits on the panel to help dispense the funds raised to individuals in need.  All of this is on top of the team’s day-to day approach of ensuring vulnerable individuals are referred to the services they need in relation to accommodation, finance, health and wellbeing.
Such initiatives are helping to drive real change for rough sleepers rather than simply moving them on to other areas.
Engaging with Businesses
To foster a greater understanding of anti-social behaviour and provide educational support to professionals across the District, the Colmore BID Security Team run various initiatives focusing on personal safety.
From hosting trauma equipment awareness sessions to running pop-ups to share information on our street operations initiatives, the Security Team seek to provide those in the District with the necessary skills and resources to keep themselves and others safe.
Along with offering personal safety sessions, the Security Team is always keen to meet you and your team. If you would like John-Jo Von Johnson, our Street Operations Manager, to attend your business with a rep from West Midlands Police, they would love to come in to discuss the following with your staff:
·      The role of Colmore BID’s Street Operations Team
·      How the Security Team & WMP tackle anti-social behaviour
·      Homelessness and support services
·      Crime In the District
·      The importance of reporting to WMP
Email John-Jo at
Looking to the Future
Looking forward, we have developed 11 promises in our Business Plan to ensure a safe and secure District for employees, residents, and visitors from 2024.
Our BID4 promises include increasing our team of security officers to five and extending their service hours, launching a resilience alert system, coordinating personal safety classes, developing our Women’s Safety Group, and much more!
Find out more about BID4 and our ambitions for 2024-2029 here.