Green Travel

Encouraging greener modes of travel is a priority for Colmore BID, as we look to improve public health and play our part in achieving important environmental goals. Below, we have collated a range of useful resources for local businesses and commuters looking to learn more about sustainable travel in and around the District.


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National Express

Team up with National Express West Midlands for exclusive travel offers, incentives, and solutions.

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Cycling Works

Learn about the various benefits of encouraging your employees to cycle to work.

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Modeshift STARS

Develop a green travel plan for your business using Modeshift STARS’ online toolkit.

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Cycling Guide

To encourage the use of bikes, we have compiled guide of resources for cycling into our District.

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Birmingham City Council

Learn about the support available to local businesses looking to promote green travel.

What is cycling in Birmingham like?

Listen to Jaimon George, the director of award-winning Thai restaurant and cocktail bar Zen Metro, discuss his childhood cycling experiences at home in India, and how cycling home from work makes him feel refreshed.

He explains that he was inspired by Paul Fielding, our Deputy Chair, at a Colmore BID meeting and hasn’t looked back since!

For more support with how to encourage green travel, please contact us.

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