Wellbeing at Work: Tai Chi

26 October 2022
17:30 - 18:45
One Temple Row, Temple Row, Birmingham, UK

The session will begin with an introduction to the basic Tai Chi stance and 5 key energy points. Followed by an overview of the potential health benefits which are :-

Ability to reduce blood pressure and stress levels

Improve balance and strength

Boost the immune system

Allow time for the mind to ‘quieten’

Resulting in a happier and re-energised team that are likely to be more productive and focussed after this mindful activity.

This will be followed by a short sequence of daily Tai Chi movements which can be performed either as a sequence or individually.

We will then move in to the ‘Six Steps Qigong’ .

The movements are very slow and gentle and can be performed standing or seated so everyone can take part. They are almost like a moving meditation.

No mats are required and you don’t need to get changed.

Participants are asked to wear loose comfortable clothing and flat soft soled trainer style shoes or bare feet.

During the session participants;

May feel warm

May experience tingling in their finger tips

May start coughing

This is all entirely normal as their ‘Chi’ moves around the body (they may experience non of these but I like to prepare for all possibilities)

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