Photography Exhibitions

Colmore BID has produced successful outdoor photography exhibitions since 2010 with some of the big names in photography, locally and internationally.  From Magnum Sport to Tom Hunter, via the incredibly successful exhibition called #NicklinUnseen, featuring the work of a near-forgotten Birmingham street photographer of the 1950s and 1960s.  Our efforts have varied from street photography to art photography, retrospectives and commissioned work, including work that has an effect on the social conscience of the viewer, like 2022’s collaboration with GRAIN and Anthony Luvera – Construct – featuring work co-produced with people affected by homelessness.

A short documentary film about Phyllis Nicklin’s life and work was also produced.  This was premiered at our closing event at Hotel du Vin on 27 January 2016 and can be viewed below.

We believe outdoor photography is accessible – in both senses of that word – to people in the District and provides valuable cultural oases to take a moment from the hustle of urban life and just contemplate.  Mental well-being, channeled straight from the lens to you, the viewer in the street.

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