West Midlands Cycle Hire

Get your first ride free on the region’s new cycle hire scheme in Birmingham

West Midlands Cycle Hire has launched in Birmingham

To celebrate the launch, you can enjoy your first 30-minute bike ride absolutely free. To receive the offer simply download the Beryl Cycle Hire app and register your details.

The scheme is designed to help offer more people the opportunity to enjoy cycling and offers a convenient alternative to the car or public transport for shorter journeys. There are docking stations across the city centre including Priory Queensway, Victoria Square and Eden Place.

To use the scheme download and register on the Beryl Cycle Hire app. Using the app you can find your nearest station and then simply tap to unlock a bike!

How does it work?

  • Bikes are securely locked at robust docking stations.
  • To hire a bike, a user needs to register on the scheme’s cycle hire app which is powered by Beryl Bikes.
  • They must register a credit or debit card on the app. Payment is taken once the ride is completed. (Later in the year users will be able to pay via their Swift account).
  • Using the cycle hire app they can then unlock a bike from a docking station to start their ride. To end a ride, the user pushes the bike back into an empty docking point and pushes down the lock lever on the bike to end their ride.
  • Bikes are available to hire 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.
  • It costs £1 to unlock a bike. It then costs 5p per minute of cycling.

Key benefits of cycle hire:

  • Ideal for 1st and last mile of journeys.
  • Avoid the crowds on public transport.
  • Avoid congestion in city centres.
  • Avoid city-centre parking charges.
  • Fun, healthy and greener mode of transport.

For more information visit wmcyclehire.co.uk

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