Accessible & Connected

Connecting the District.

Our Accessible & Connected objective cares for the experience of getting to and moving around Colmore BID. We do this by influencing and partnering on policy and projects to make Colmore BID navigable for people with differing mobility. Colmore BID led the revival of the Interconnect project to provide a modern, highly-legible way-finding system across the City Centre, as well as co-ordinating the City Centre business response to the HS2 Environmental Statement. Colmore BID has been a voice for business in the District and a critical friend to Birmingham City Council in developing the Birmingham Mobility Action Plan (BMAP) and in bringing forward the experimental Sprint Bus Rapid Transit. Colmore BID has been very supportive of Birmingham City Council’s efforts to encourage more use of active travel modes and less reliance on the private car.

Our Board Director, Paul Fielding chairs this group as Working Group Champion.

Interconnect Birmingham

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