GBSLEP Zellar Pilot Scheme

02 November 2021

Greater Birmingham and Solihull (GBSLEP) have partnered with Zellar, the UK’s first sustainability platform, to help local businesses become more sustainable, reduce emissions and get Net Zero faster.

This software platform enables businesses to measure, manage and amplify their sustainability journey in one place. Zellar simplifies and gives easy access to critical sustainability drivers, and provides all the emission insights, support, advice, connections you need to become a recognised, certified greener business all in one place. 

For more info watch this video, download the free guides .

GBSLEP are currently recruiting 100 businesses across Greater Birmingham and Solihull, who will be granted a year’s free access to the Zellar sustainability platform. Businesses interested in joining the Zellar Pilot Scheme are encouraged to complete the expression of interest form as soon as possible as this is a first-come, first-served opportunity

Some of the benefits for a business to join Zellar include:

  • Calculate the business carbon footprint
  • Benchmark carbon emissions with others in your sector 
  • Get a customised sustainability action plan to become sustainable 
  • Help transition to green energy and suppliers and reduce costs
  • Get advice on operational changes to reduce emissions, waste, costs
  • Improve your brand and reputation by becoming greener
  • Attract new customers who increasing care about 
  • Reduce costs through green initiatives and technology
  • Get access to the local offsetting, biodiversity and volunteering projects
  • Grow your business and supply chain opportunities through sustainability 
  • Comply and reduce the impact of ‘Carbon Tax’